Turn-Key Implementation

Our goal is to provide organizations with a turn-key solution for a personalized client site. Your ScoreKeeper instance will be designed, coded, tested, and configured, which will enable your team to jump right into understanding the general design and workflow and focus on validating comp plan payouts and experiencing the benefits of ScoreKeeper first-hand.

The team at SalesScoreKeeper will work closely with your team to provide a thorough overview of commission processing, workflow, bonuses, reporting, maintaining user records and other Admin tasks for the go-forward basis.

ScoreKeeper Application Configuration

LocationsOffice locations related to the client will be established in SK, allowing each Rep/Manager/Admin user to be assigned to the appropriate office for accurate record keeping and Reporting purposes.

Pay Dates – Your organizations commission pay date schedule will be established in SK, enabling those pay dates for selection for payroll to process commissions.

Administrative Users – Administrative users will be created with the appropriate user rights required to perform their respective roles of responsibility. This can include single feature access, or multiple feature access, and will be based on the identification of each user’s specific role.

Sales & Executive Management – Sales & Executive Management user records will be created and configured to enable the proper hierarchy system for your sales organization. This will provide the appropriate access and grant user rights to enable the commission workflow approval process and associated reporting capabilities.

Sales Reps – Sales Reps will be created and configured accordingly to include specific details related to assigned comp plans, managers, quotas, salary, draws, monthly expenses and allowances.

Workflow – The commission workflow and approval process will be configured to mirror your organizations business process and rules related to commission processing. Required controls are put in place to ensure compliance with your organizations commission policies.

Comp Plans – All Comp Plans provided through the Data Collection Phase and reviewed through the Spec Phase will be available for assignment to Reps/Managers and will calculate commissions based on specifics of the Comp Plan design. SSK understands that Comp Plan design is not a one size fits all model, and we realize that no two organizations are alike when it comes to how they compensate their sales teams. Therefore, we have designed our application to be extremely flexible with the ability to re-create and manage even the most complex comp plans designs and payout conditions.

Financial Design – Capturing financial data is another area of one size does not fit all, and we realize that each organization has different requirements when it comes to the data captured on the financial statement. As the core financial details will remain the same, we can offer flexibility and make additions to the layout of the financial to meet the needs of your organization