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SalesScoreKeeper Features

SalesScoreKeeper is a feature rich, customizable sales commission automation tool.  Over time, we have developed the tools to make your sales commission processing more accurate and timelier while increasing your efficiency. Below are some of the current features that make working with SalesScoreKeeper such a breeze.

  • Promotion Managment
    SSK maintains all promotions to make them easily accessible to all reps. Administrators and/or Managers are able to create promotions for the entire sales team or even just one rep.  Cost reductions and Spiffs can be calculated into a transaction financial through SSK as well as providing detailed reports to allow back end to match
  • Transaction Splits
    Splitting a deal between sales reps is a breeze, the transaction owner is able to split the transaction by selecting the rep(s) and percentage of commission, revenue and gross profit they will be splitting.   The transaction owner and the additional rep(s) receiving the commission will be able to track the progress of the transaction
  • Draw Tracking
    An enhancement to the maintenance of draws is now the adjustment tool designed for administrators/controllers.  This new feature will allow for adjustments to bank balances by one simple entry.
  • Ramp Tool
    Tracking ramps for sales reps is a tedious task to do manually.  But no longer is this something you need to worry about. SSK now has a ramp tool that will allow you to enter up to twelve (12) months of revenue quota, gross profit quota, salary, and draw.  In addition to maintaining sales reps
  • Comission Adjustment Tool
    One of SSK’s newest features is the adjustment tool.  This allows you to adjust commissions being paid out via revenue, gross profit or even a flat commission amount.   With this feature a manager and/or administrator will be able to view current commission rates and adjust the commission percentage then SSK will calculate the new commission
  • Customization
    SSK is customized to calculate commissions according to your commission plan(s) as well as following your workflow throughout the commission process. SSK does not ask for any changes within your organization we make SSK work to suit all your company’s needs for processing commission in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Reporting
    Sometimes getting accurate information on your sales team from your ERP or CRM can be difficult. SSK builds that bridge to give you accurate information on sales, sales cost, net cost, lease points and all items that sometimes just don’t have a home.
  • Pay Quick
    Process commissions in a timely matter that will keep your Sales Reps happy and continually selling. The SSK workflow will allow you to set parameters, notifying users that a SSK task is pending. SSK’s in depth reporting will allow you to see past commission transactions that may be held up or taking too long to
  • Incent
    Keep your reps informed of where they are and how they are doing at all times. Let reps know what their earnings are MTD, QTD, or YTD. With SSK, reps see where their commissions and overall compensation are to keep them focused on their goals. Launch contest programs in SSK and keep reps focused.
  • Workflow
    SSK insures that the processes and workflow is followed accurately and efficiently. Make sure that commissions are approved after all your processes are completed and accounted for. From order processing to payroll, keep everything transparent and moving at a steady pace.
  • Audit
    SSK let’s you know who did what and when. Secure log-in’s and superior security features let you track every move made inside your commission process. Have control of your comp plan(s) and know if it is being modified or abused. You can also run exception reports to look for possible anomalies.
  • Email Notifications
    Get information instantly via SSK email notification system. Know when items are submitted for commission; receive an email on overdue tasks and much more. With SalesScoreKeeper, there’s no more guess work as to what stage a deal is at and when it moves along in the process. Keep reps motivated by sending out reminders on
  • Contest Tracking
    Nothing is more frustrating, while competing in sales contests, than not knowing where you stand. SSK will track your sales contests and provide constant information anytime and anywhere. Use SSK to make sure that you are maximizing on your investment throughout the contest period, while keeping goals and objectives up to date. SSK email reminders
  • No Software
    No IT Burden!  SSK requires no disks or files to update. By applying the many benefits of a cloud based program, SSK has developed a solution that will not be a distraction or interruption to your business. To the contrary, SSK acts as a tool to increase your staff’s productivity and incentivize your sales force
  • Standardization
    Make your compensation plans as simple or as complex as you like and let SSK go to work for you. Simplify your sales compensation process by creating and delivering standard commissions to avoid confusion from disgruntled Sales Reps. Allow as much or as little flexibility in your compensation plan as desired, to assure everyone is
  • Cloud Based
    SSK has developed a cloud based program that will make commission processing easy, accurate and accessible anywhere and anytime.  Internet access is all that is needed to allow sales reps to enter their commissions at their convenience.
  • Compliance
    Sometimes compensation plans do not cover every instance. These instances should be the exception, not the norm. SSK lets you see how often your compensation plan has been adjusted and what changes have been made. SSK also allows you to check the efficiency of your compensation plans. With SSK, you can run reports which identify
  • Benchmarking
    Let SSK deliver all of your sales performance benchmarking information effectively and accurately. Set respective goals by Sales Reps, Manager, branch, or team and let SSK keep score. SalesScoreKeeper’s benchmark information is crucial in making decisions about pricing, compensation and promotions. Compare your team’s status to benchmark goals with the simple click of a mouse.
  • Accuracy
    Are you using spreadsheets to calculate your commissions? When using SSK, we insure that all of your calculations are accurate and cannot be modified/deleted. Only after careful and thorough testing, will SSK be launched for your business, giving you the peace of mind that your comp plan is paying exactly what is intended.
  • Analytics
    Make decisions and run your business with the facts.  SSK provides you with information about your business including all components that make the sale.  Tweak comp plans, plan promos and get a clear picture of who is doing what.  Get a true ROI on your sales team, sales managers and sales rep anytime anywhere.  No
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