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Why choose our services?

SalesScoreKeeper is an online sales process, information and communication tool.  So, what does that mean?


SalesScoreKeeper helps your business process Sales Reps commissions, ensure accuracy and comply with your company’s polices.  With our online tool, Reps can easily enter commissions, insuring that company polices are followed, when it comes to paying your reps. SalesScoreKeeper will make sure that all of the right steps are taken in the workflow process. Whether it is making sure the deal has been invoiced or that correct funding has taken place, SalesScoreKeeper can do the job. The best thing about SalesScoreKeeper is the entire workflow can be monitored online, by you or your Sales Reps, giving you both the confidence that things are moving along.


SalesScoreKeeper reviews information collected during the commission process to give you a clear description of the numbers inside your sales department. Numbers, like lease point, buy out, spiffs, promotions, etc. can be used to produce an accurate cost of sale, Sales Reps ROI, and many more useful figures not usually found in the standard ERP system.  SalesScoreKeeper has a built in robust report engine to provide you with the information you need, when you need it.  The Sales Department necessitates one of the highest payrolls in your company and constantly reviewing these numbers is vital to your revenue and bottom line.


SalesScoreKeeper will keep everyone informed throughout the process, to make sure the workflow is completed accurately and effectively.  SalesScoreKeeper will help to keep your team informed regarding their commissions. Sales Reps will no longer have to ask about their commissions and can focus on selling. SalesScoreKeeper will also help to motivate your Sales Force by providing status information on incentive trips, office sales, stack rankings and potential bonuses earned achieving targets.


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