Onboarding Strategy

Our goal is to have a client site designed, built, tested, configured, and operational within 60 days.  To achieve this goal, timely responses to all requests are a critical factor for our mutual success.

SalesScoreKeeper will manage your project through Salesforce, logging cases and tracking all communications and progress throughout the Onboarding process.  Additionally, we use the Salesforce native Project Management Tool TaskRay to manage all our Onboarding and Development tasks.  Our primary goal is to keep all parties informed throughout the project lifecycle.  The SSK Team will guide you through all the steps required to keep the project moving forward to meet our established timelines.

Contract Initiation – Let’s finalize your account set-up and get Onboarding started!

Work with the SSK team to complete the administrative requirements to initiate the Onboarding process.

 Project Kick Off – Meet your Project Manager and get insight into the Onboarding Process

Project Manager will give an overview of the Onboarding Process, including immediate requirements, project expectations along the way, and provide an understanding of the key factors for success with meeting our established project timelines.

Data Collection – Collecting the documents that hold the key to our code…

Client will gather the requested Comp Plan documents, basic Rep/Manager information, and some general commission structure details to get the ball officially rolling.

Please be advised

Your estimated launch date will be calculated using the date that we have confirmed receipt of all requested data, as we are unable to begin the design spec without this information. Your Comp Plan documents are the key to our code.  We operate on a slot scheduling system so timely execution on requests is critical.  Please click this link for more details on Slot Scheduling.  Add Link

Spec – Translating your written comp plan documents into code requirements

Work with your Business Analyst to define the rules of your compensation plans, payout conditions, along with any special conditions related to how your sales teams is compensated.

This step is a critical component of our Onboarding Process, as the Comp Plan documents drive the design of the spec for your site.  These reviews should always include your Comp Plan Author(s) and Enforcers of the plan.

Build – Coding to calculate your commissions

Our development team will build your site based on the spec received, which will be the result of interpretation of the written comp plan documents provided, along with our joint collaboration during scheduled Comp Plan Reviews.

Additionally, integration will be completed to pull in transaction data from your designated data source.

Quality Assurance – Checking the math

The validation process is the most critical component of our Onboarding Process, as it demonstrates the ability of ScoreKeeper to auto calculate accurate commissions based on each specific Comp Plan design.  Validating every payout for each comp plan is crucial to the process of us delivering a turn-key solution, which will allow you to begin processing commissions using ScoreKeeper with confidence.

Train & Launch – Getting your team prepared for success…

The SSK Team will get your teams trained on all things ScoreKeeper. We have a multi-phase approach to our Admin Training, from site release and validating mathematical logic, through to workflow, reporting and admin related functions and then onto launching your site to your Sales Teams.