Commissions made easy… Process, Calculate, Pay
ScoreKeeper is our core application that automates the sales commission process from actual compensation calculations, quota tracking, draw tracking and so much more, and includes personalized attainment dashboards for your reps and managers, giving them the tools they need to drive performance.


  • Multi-level Quota Tracking – Manage multiple levels of quotas that will calculate accurate commissions based on your payout conditions.

  • Ramp Quota Tool – Establish up to 12 months of salary and quota ramps with the ability to provide accurate history of quotas for reporting purposes.

  • Draw Tracking – Maintain a constant draw balance with the ability to calculate adjustments with one simple entry.

  • Commission Change Tracking & Notifications – Tracks all changes affecting commission payouts that were made to a transaction throughout the entire workflow and provides notifications to the appropriate individuals.

  • Reporting – Real-time and accurate information on all Sales Reps, Sales Teams, Transactions, Commissions, and so much more.


  • Transaction Level Payouts – ScoreKeeper provides the ability to pay and report on commissions on a transaction level.

  • Transaction Splits – Split Revenue, Gross Profit and/or Commissions between reps allowing each rep to track transaction activity throughout the entire workflow.

  • Commission Adjustment Tool – Make an adjustment to revenue, gross profit or even a flat commission amount to any current commission payout with ease.

  • Bonus Override Payouts – Provides the ability to manage bonus payouts for Managers.

  • Recurring Commission Processing – Create recurring monthly payouts associated with MPS, MNS, IT Service, etc. by setting up a specific payout for a specific time-period.


  • Workflow Controls – Controlled workflow ensures that all transactions are processed accurately and efficiently based on your organization’s sales and commissions process.

  • Rules Based Revenue Recognition – SSK allows you to control where in the workflow revenue is recognized.

  • Secured Multi-Level Hierarchy – Provides and controls access to view data through multiple levels of the sales hierarchy, allowing you to see all relevant data.

  • Promotion Management – Cost reductions and Spiffs can be applied to a transaction financial to calculate accurate commissions, as well as provide detailed reporting.

  • Contest Tracking – Tracking and reporting on sales contest performance is as easy as running a report.