What does SalesScoreKeeper do?

After spending 20 plus years in the office equipment industry and traveling around the country visiting dealers, we saw the pain caused processing sales commissions. With this information we developed SalesScoreKeeper to tackle the problem with a cloud based customizable solution.  The one thing we knew was that no two companies would have the same commission plan so we had to be extremely flexible and be able to provide a system that was robust and customizable at the same time. In our experience, most dealers use complex spreadsheets to calculate and summarize monthly sales commissions, while that process may be adequate, it provides challenges with accuracy, reporting, communication and much more.

SalesScoreKeeper is a cloud-based application that eliminates the need to use spreadsheets to calculate and process commissions. Because SalesScoreKeeper is built as an application with programming logic and a database of core components, it provides a rich feature set that make sales commission processing simple, efficient and accurate.

Please contact us today so we can show you how SalesScoreKeeper can make your business better.

  • Customization


    SSK is customized to calculate commissions according to your commission plan(s) as well as following your workflow throughout the commission process. SSK does not ask for any changes within your organization we make SSK work to suit all your company’s … Read More

  • Incent & Motivate

    Incent & Motivate

    There is nothing that will slow down a sales rep more than not knowing how much or when they are getting paid. With SalesScoreKeeper you chose how much of the process they see to keep them out of the dark … Read More

  • Sales Reporting & Analytics

    Sales Reporting & Analytics

    Because SalesScoreKeeper collects all pertinent data on a transaction, information that sometimes your ERP or CRM may not have, you can view sales data information like never before. Find out if you are paying to much or to little or … Read More

  • Workflow & Process Efficiencies

    Workflow & Process Efficiencies

    Save money by saving time processing your commissions. SalesScoreKeeper makes sure that all the steps get done in a timely and efficient manner with full workflow automation and most importantly, being done accurately. Email alerts and cloud web access anytime … Read More

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