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Making office equipment industry comp plans simple to administer since 2011

Get the numbers you want,
without the hassle of manual processing

No More Spreadsheets

Seriously! Our system auto-calculates even the most complicated commissions in real time.

No Manual Data Entry

Never deal with error-filled, retyped data again. Our integrations eliminate wasted time and aggravation.

Reports In Your Inbox

Our robust reporting system automatically produces and distributes sales reports on your schedule.

Industry Built,

Industry Tested

After decades selling office equipment, we saw the big gap between what spreadsheets could do and what our industry needed to make commission processing efficient and transparent. ScoreKeeper bridges that gap. No matter how complicated your comp plan, you can finally automate it. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen it all. We’ve automated it all. And we can help you too.

  • Designed By Industry Veterans
  • Refined With 10 Years Of Client Input
  • Handles Complex Comp Plans Of Any Type
  • Configurable For How You Do Business
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ScoreKeeper Automates Every Aspect of Your Sales Commission Process.

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You may feel caught between the inefficient, maddening spreadsheets of the past, and the idea that no software could automate your uniquely complicated sales commission process. We encounter that skepticism every day. But we know from 10 years of experience serving office equipment companies like yours that SalesScoreKeeper can be configured for a win-win-win for your administrators, managers and reps. From sales commission processing and sales reporting to administrative oversight, ScoreKeeper can handle how you do business.

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