Commissions made easy… Calculate, Process, Report

ScoreKeeper automates the sales commission process from actual compensation calculations, quota tracking, draw tracking, and so much more. Provide personalized scheduled sales reports for your reps and managers, helping drive performance.

Transform Your Sales Commission
And Reporting Process From Aggravating To Easy


Bring Your Own Comp

No comp plan is too difficult to automate with ScoreKeeper. In the last 10 years, we’ve helped the biggest names in the office equipment industry leave their spreadsheets behind. And we can help you too.

Seamless Integrations

ScoreKeeper integrates seamlessly with all major ERP, CRM and CPQ systems. Never re-type data again, introducing inadvertent errors along the way! All your numbers are instantly at your fingertips.

Commission Processing

Calculate and process commissions, quotas, and bonuses without spreadsheets. Let ScoreKeeper configure the details of your comp plan, and it will auto-calculate everything you need.

Sales Reporting

Reports are a snap with ScoreKeeper! Just set up a report once and forget it. Trust ScoreKeeper to pull all the data, format it the way you like, and even email reports automatically on your schedule.

Keep Everybody In The Loop

Create transparency for all parties from start to finish of every transaction. Reps, specialists and managers can always see their quotas and commissions, and any pricing and commission changes are flagged for oversight

Not Just Commissions… It’s A Lot More!

ScoreKeeper Is A Complete Solution For
Commission Processing, Reporting and Oversight

No More Retyping

Save time and avoid errors by pulling sales data directly from your integrated ERP, CRM and/or CPQ.

No More Spreadsheets

Commissions auto-calculate on each transaction based on the rules and logic of your comp plan.

Increased Accuracy

Software system controls create consistency in commissions and transactions processing.

Set It & Forget It

Format your reports once, and they’re automatically filled with sales data via software integrations.

Scheduled Report Delivery

Set up email delivery of reports to keep reps and managers in the loop about their quotas and transactions.

Track Sales Contests

Keep your reps motivated to hit their goals! ScoreKeeper creates quick and reliable sales contest results.

Pricing Validation

ScoreKeeper flags changed or edited financials for approval review.

Track Changes

Audit changes to commission records from published comp plan payouts.

Privacy Hierarchy

Reps and managers will never see information that does not pertain to them.

Multiple Products

Allocate revenues based on product type for commissions and quotas.

Manage Multiple Quotas

Manage multiple levels of quotas to incent reps on more than just one line of business.

Multiple Commissions

Multiple managers, reps and specialists can be paid on any transaction.

With ScoreKeeper Everybody Wins!

No more data entry hassles, spreadsheets or time-consuming report prep. Administrators, managers, specialists, and reps alike will appreciate easy access to the numbers they need to do what they do best. See how effortless and efficient everything about your comp plan could be.