FLORIDA, March 9th, 2023 – The SalesScoreKeeper team has announced that they will be attending the Copier Dealers Association (CDA) Owners Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, from March 22-24.


The CDA is a dynamic group of independent dealers from across the country who trade best practices and innovative strategies to help their businesses thrive. Each year, CDA owners provide additional support by hosting several meetings where members can meet, mingle, and receive valuable information from industry leaders and experts.

Those with SalesScoreKeeper are looking forward to gaining important industry insights during March’s meeting and hope to chat with other members about their industry-leading commission software.

“We are very excited to attend this year’s Owners Meeting, especially since it’s in our backyard,” said Luis Gonzalez, President of SalesScoreKeeper. “We’ve already helped so many CDA dealers automate their commission processes and have provided them with the sales data they need to manage and motivate their teams. So, it’ll be nice to see and catch up with everybody in Ft. Lauderdale.”

About SalesScoreKeeper

SalesScoreKeeper is a Florida-based software design and development company specializing in the automation of sales compensation, sales reporting, and sales motivation. After decades of selling office equipment, the team behind SalesScoreKeeper determined that their industry needed an efficient and transparent way to calculate commissions. So, they developed ScoreKeeper—a cloud-based commission automation software that seamlessly integrates with top CRMs such as Agent Dealer and WhiteCup (Compass).

To learn more, visit https://salesscorekeeper.com.