The equipment supply chain issue has created a severe problem for sale professional that make their living selling office equipment.  It has always been that a sales rep that sells a product gets paid for the sale once that deal has been delivered or funded.  The shortage of equipment has broken this process, and now sales reps are suffering because they cannot get paid their commission. Many dealers have started to pay a portion of the commission at the time of sale and the balance when the equipment gets delivered. Not very easy to track on spreadsheets!

ScoreKeeper (SK) can handle this with ease! SK creates a commission record that would calculate the entire commission for the deal and then let administrators make a partial payment that shows what has been paid and what needs to be paid. So that allows you to easily track paying a portion that deals where you have not been able to deliver or fund.

ScoreKeeper automates the sales commission process from actual compensation calculations, quota tracking, draw tracking, and so much more. Provide personalized scheduled sales reports for your reps and managers, helping drive performance.

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